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A collaborative content studio


We do things a bit differently around here.

Co-create uses content collaboration to deliver way more value than cost. 

You need content. So do your customers, your partners, your audience. We dig in to find where content needs crossover and then we deliver efficient and effective multimedia storytelling that you both can use to reach your goals.


How we make 1+1=3

We find people with stories to tell and match them with organisations who need to tell stories. Then we use smart content strategy and production to deliver effective multimedia storytelling assets.


The content pyramid.

We start with long-form capture and then peel it out into smaller pieces of audio, video, blogs, images and social posts. When we start with a strong idea, we can deliver loads of content from one production.

The co-create process

Fixed costs:




Variable costs:

Content development

The co-create model economises on "fixed costs" to deliver multiple content assets at great value.

Meet the co-founders

We bring a pile of skills  for content planning and production. We pull in other specialists as required.

If you'd like to work with us, get in touch.

Erin Jackson


Creator of campaigns &

connector of dots. 

Other ventures include:

Narrative Campaigns

Christchurch Food Chase

Kris Herbert


Former journalist. Storyteller.

Content strategist. 

Other ventures include:

Creative Agent


Marcia Butterfield


Bringing people together to deliver content projects.

Other ventures include:

Coo Coo 

Neat Places 

Co-create is proud to be a member of Content NZ


Let's talk content.

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